Nu/Clean InLine Aqueous Cleaner

Single tank… Dual tank, one dry section… two dry sections, tell us what you require and we will build it !

Nu/Clean Cleaners by Technical Devices

Since 1952, Technical Devices has been supplying the electronics industry with the highest quality production equipment, and has an enviable reputation for after-market service and product support. In addition Technical Devices continues to be on the cutting edge of cleaning technology with innovative products and features that produce excellent, reliable cleaning results while making a minimal impact on the environment. The Nu/CLEAN line of Aqueous cleaners are the safest, quietest, and most energy efficient machines on the market today.

Even with all of these technological and environmental advances, the Nu/CLEAN aqueous cleaners are easy to operate and maintain. The touch screen control system is intuitive and straightforward while being robust enough to control and monitor all critical functions of the cleaner. The alarms and maintenance screens let the operator know immediately what actions need to be taken. The physical design of the tanks, cabinets, and controls make regular maintenance quick and easy.

  • Touch Screen Control
  • Automatic Start / Stop with Photo Sensor
  • Alarm Package
  • Key Password Control
  • Light Tower
  • Ergonomic Front Panel Controls
  • Rigid Steel One Piece Welded Cabinet Base 3” x 3” x .187” Steel L-Angle
  • Dual Tank Walls (Only available at Technical Devices)
  • Translucent Front and Back Bulkheads
  • 12” fixed extensions at Entry and 12” at Exit
  • Noise Insulation Package
  • Plumbing and Valves Labeled
  • Front Mounted Immersion Heaters for ease of maintenance
  • Recirculating Heated Water in Wash
  • Recirculating Heated Water in Rinse
  • Flow meters with Controls and pressure gauges in Prewash, Isolation, and Rinse sections
  • Pressure Gauges on back of cleaner for ease of adjustment
  • Upper and Lower Spray Bar Controls
  • Quick Disconnect Spray Bars
  • Tank Catch Screens
  • Stainless Steel High Pressure Plumbing
  • Isolated Dry Return for Conveyor Belt
  • Slide Out Blowers
  • Low Loss Air Knife Distributor
  • Repeatable and Precise Airknife Adjustments
  • Coalescing Screen in Vent System
  • Exhaust Ports with Dampers
  • UL Listing
  • 480Vac, 3Phz, 60Hz Electrical

Before the dual tank system, if you wanted to run a chemistry wash and a water only wash you either had to have 2 separate machines or you had to manually change the fluid in your single tank. Two separate machines require a bigger footprint, more electrical, water, drain, and exhaust connections. Plus those two machines are not integrated to work together. They have separate controls and often require more than one operator.
If you want to try to get away with just one cleaner for multiple processes, you’re going to have a lot of down time and probably some contamination issues. To drain, wipe down, and refill a tank can take hours. Then you still have to wait for the solution in the tank to come up to temperature. If you are running a chemistry wash and then want to switch to a water only or a different chemistry, it is a challenge to remove all of the first chemical. You have to empty the tank, flush the pumps, flush the spray bars, clean all the spray nozzles, and clean the conveyor. Even with all of that, some cross contamination is possible. If you’re an aerospace company, a military CM, or a medical device company, even a remote possibility of chemical contamination is not acceptable.


Every liquid used within the 800 X2L is either recirculated for use or sent to an evaporator via a closed loop sump system for a zero discharge disposal.

The Chemical Wash Tank is drained to a sump tank and then sent to an evaporator. The evaporator separates the water from any residues. The amount of residues is very small and can be easily disposed of according to environmental regulations. The Water Only Wash Tank is recirculated through a DI Water System to remove contaminants and returned back to the Water Only Wash Tank. If it is necessary to drain the Water Only Wash Tank, the water can either be routed to a sump tank to be sent to the DI System to be used again later or to the other sump tank and be sent to the evaporator.

The Isolation Rinse is closed loop with its own dedicated DI System. The Final Rinse Tank cascades into the Rinse Tank. Water from the Rinse Tank is sent to a second DI System to be cleaned and returned to the Final Rinse.

All of this recycling through closed loop systems and the minimizing of residual chemical through the use of an evaporator, makes the 800 X2L the most environmentally friendly cleaner available today. This also means the 800 X2L meets the environmental disposal requirements and emission regulations of virtually all environmental agencies.

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