The all new TruView™ Cube X-Ray Inspection System is a fully motorized radiography system developed to meet the stringent requirements of electronics assembly and component inspection. Ideal for applications where sample size is limited to 6″x6″, the the TruView™ Cube X-Ray sits comfortably on your laboratory bench.
The TruView™ Cube is easy to use and install, making it the most versatile and portable system on the market today. The TruView™ Cube has an amazing set of features that produce incredible x-ray images. The custom manipulation control allow you to move the sample inside the cabinet and to vary the power of the x-ray source.

X-ray Source Voltage: variable, up to 80kV.
X-ray Camera: 4″/2″ high resolution image intensifier.
Sample Manipulation: Motorized and controlled by keyboard.
System Dimensions (LxWxH): 16”x16”x30”.
Maximum Visible Sample Area: 6″x6″.
Magnification: variable, up to 100X.
Included Software: TruView 10 Standard.
Included Computer: PC with latest Windows OS, fully networkable.
Optional Upgrades: TruView 10 Premium, cart, sample rotation mechanism, joystick, laboratory bench.
Warranty: 3-year warranty.
Safety: FDA compliant and CE certified. Cabinet fully shielded with multiple interlocks, keyed start switch, and emergency stop switch. Certified to operate worldwide.


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