Techsystems is proud to represent the following manufacturers.

Global Supplier of Cost Effective, 3D AOI and SPI Systems since 1992
Local Manufacturer of 2D and 3D X-Ray Systems and Parts Counters and Software
Solder Spheres for BGA Reball – Taped Solder Spheres for Automated Assembly
Complete Range of Highly Flexible Surface Mount and Odd Form Placement Systems
Tooling, Robotic Soldering, Routing, Dispensing, Marking, and Cleaning Systems
PC Board Depaneling Systems including both Batch and In-line Systems
Robotic Component Tinning Systems and Intuitive Selective Soldering Machines
High Speed Inline Laser Board Depaneling and Marking Systems
World Leader in Solder Interconnect Products for the Electronics Industry
Award Winning Bench-top and In Line Automated Optical Inspection and SPI Systems
Aqueous Based Precision Cleaning Systems for Electronics Assembly
Cost Effective Board Support Systems for Pick and Place and Printers
The Worlds Leading Designer and Manufacturer of Nitrogen Generation Systems
Affordable, locally Manufactured Aqueous Batch, and In-line Cleaning Systems
Flexible, Collaborative Robots for Factory Automation Requirements