TruView Fusion

The Truview™ Fusion X-ray Inspection System is the most versatile x-ray machine in the market today. Capable of inspecting samples up to 20″x20″ (or 20″x48″ in X mode), the TruView™ Fusion can be powered with x-ray sources from 80kV to 150kV. When powered with a transmissive x-ray source, the TruView™ Fusion can achieve magnifications up to 2,000X.
The other unique feature of the TruView™ Fusion is the fully automated defect detection capability. The TruView™ 10 Software Premium allows you to program a complete suite of tests in the TruView™ Fusion, which can be repeated on a batch of samples. With full pass/fail capabilities, this system can either assist or replace an experienced operator.
With a wide range of applications utilizing the TruView™ Fusion, it’s time for you to learn how this powerful machine can improve your bottom line.

X-ray Source Voltage: variable, up to 80kV, 90kV, 110kV, 130kV, or 150kV.
X-ray Camera: 3″x4″, 4″x6″, or 8″x8″ flat panel.
Sample Manipulation: Fully automated X, Y, Z, and x-ray sensor tilt. Sample and stage rotations also available.
System Dimensions (LxWxH): 48”x36”x65”.
Maximum Visible Sample Area: 20″x20″ or 20″x48″.
Magnification: variable, up to 2,000X.
Included Software: TruView 10 Standard.
Included Computer: PC with latest Windows OS, fully networkable.
Optional Upgrades: TruView 10 Premium, cart, sample rotation mechanism, stage tilt, joystick, laboratory bench. Inspection automation and custom path macros.
Warranty: 3-year warranty.
Safety: FDA compliant and CE certified. Cabinet fully shielded with multiple interlocks, keyed start switch, and emergency stop switch. Certified to operate worldwide.


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